Make Over Liquid Eyeliner Review

by - July 01, 2017

Hi! It's time for another review. Make Over is one of Indonesia local brand by PT.  Paragon Technology & Innovation. Wardah and Emina are the sister brand of Make Over.

Make Over Liquid Eyeliner only has one swatch color, black. The packaging box has simple, minimalist, clean design.
Make Over Liquid Eyeliner
Here the ingredients:
The expiration dates listed on the packaging box and the eyeliner bottle, so it's okay to throw away the packaging box after open it. It has fine tip brush which make it easy to use.

At make over website, the product promise to form show stopping eyes with this loved-by-makeup artists waterproof eye liner that draws perfectly firm and 100% black line. Dries in second, easily applied and lasts all day.

It dries quickly. Since it is promised as waterproof eyeliner at make over website, I test the eyeliner with put my hand under running water for say about 10 seconds to see what happens. It is really waterproof !

Before After Waterproof Test
And for the smudgeproof test, I rub it twice after the waterproof test. It easily removed even just use water. o(╥﹏╥)o

Before After Rub Test, After Waterproof Test
I'm curious if it doesn't getting wet, is it smudgeproof? So i draw new line on my hand, and rub it for many times, and it still good.

Overall,, I love this product.

-affordable price (IDR 80.000,-)

-dries quickly for liquid liner
-easy to control
-intense black
-matte finish
-doesn't cause any allergic reactions
-easily removed

-not smudgeproof after getting wet

Where to buy it?
If you live in Indonesia, you can find makeover products at centro, sogo, watsons, guardian


Will I buy this product again?

All my opinion above are based on  my personal experience. It may work different with other people though, so use it with your own risk!

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