St. Marc Cafe - Neo Soho Review

by - July 03, 2017

St. Marc Cafe already expanding their business to Indonesia. It is a specialty Japanese Dessert Cafe best known for its signature chocolate croissant, the chococro. They have lots of variant soft serve ice creams and parfaits.

The interior is cozy, suitable for hangout. Lots of beautiful artificial food along with the price tag are displayed in front of the store.

Display Food

Classic Fuji IDR 73.000,-
Classic Fuji
Flaky buttery danish with sugar caramel coating, topped with soft serve ice cream, matcha green tea powder, and red bean. The ice cream was very smooth, with the right amount of milkiness and sweetness, but the red bean is a little too sweet for me.

Choco Berry Celebration IDR 68.000,-

Choco Berry Celebration
Soft serve vanilla ice cream that didn't easy to melt, topped with chocolate sauce, silky egg pudding, and strawberry slices. There are cornflake and small slices of cake hidden under the soft serve vanilla ice cream.

When I visited St. Marc Cafe Neo Soho, luckily they have student discount. If you are a student, pull out your student ID and take advantage of 50% discount, limited to one item purchased only. 

Overall, I like to visit St. Marc Cafe again to try their another sweets.


Place: 7.5/10
Price: $$ (medium price)

Disclaimer: All my opinion above are based on my personal experience.

Store location:
Neo SOHO Mall 1st Floor
Senayan City Mall LG Floor
Pondok Indah Mall 2 1st Floor

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