Wardah Creamy Body Butter - Milk and Pearl Review

by - Agustus 13, 2017

People with dry skin or often activity in air-conditioned room for an extended period of time should use body lotion / body butter. Using body moisturizer help prevent wrinkles.

What the difference between body lotion and body butter? Body lotion has lower moisture level than body butter. Usually body lotion has more thin texture than body butter. If you have seriously dry out skin, you should using body butter instead body lotion.

Wardah Creamy Body Butter is made in Indonesia and already have halal certification. It has 6 variant, milk & pearl, strawberry, lavender & ginger, rose, passion fruit, and olive. The one I have is the milk and pearl.

Wardah Creamy Body Butter - Image from Wardahbeauty

The packaging form is milk colored plastic jar and have 3 size options (50ml, 100ml, and 150ml). There is product description, how to use, and ingredients at the back side. For some people, this product maybe felt unhygienic because this product doesn't provide spatula. Just make sure your hand is clean while using the body butter. 

At the Backside

This body butter texture is slightly thick. While using it, maybe it feels slightly sticky, but it is natural because body butter has high moisture level

Slightly Thick Cream
Slightly Thick Cream

If you have rough soles of feet, you can try use the body butter in soles of feet area before night sleep. (From my own experience, better use it before night sleep so it doesn't sticking to the floor while we are walking)

This body butter has over sweet fragrance for me at the beginning, but I already get used to it. The fragrance like vanilla fragrance mix with milk. The people around me saying the fragrance like vanilla biscuit fresh from the oven.

-Friendly price for body butter (IDR 19,000 for 50ml)
-easy to found in Indonesia
-moisturize well

-over sweet fragrance


All my opinion above are based on my personal experience. It may work different with other people though, so use it with your own risk!

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