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by - September 05, 2017

Introducing Warung Rumpi, Indonesian Restaurant located at Sunter, North Jakarta. They have Javanese cuisine menus to be enjoyed like ayam penyet, lele penyet, gado-gado, mie godog Jawa, soto, rawon, etc. For Javanese specialities, I think they have enough variative menu. They even have wedang ronde, beras kencur, and kunyit asam in their drinks menu! Warung Rumpi have some toast, grilled banana, and fried banana for snacks.

Warung Rumpi has good Javanese style interior and cozy for hanging out. Lots of Javanese decoration like batik, wayang, and ontel (unique vintage bicycle in Indonesia) embellish the interior. 

Warung Rumpi Interior
Warung Rumpi Interior
Ontel (unique vintage bicycle in Indonesia) at Warung Rumpi
Paket Ayam Penyet Komplit IDR 63.000,-
Paket Ayam Penyet Komplit + Nasi Uduk
For this package menu, they have options: chicken breast / thigh; chili sauce selection (onion chili sauce / shrimp paste chili sauce); soybean curd / tempeh; sunny side up / omelette; vegetable with tamarind soup / vegetable with coconut milk soup; empal; 3 meatballs). I choose chicken breast + onion chili sauce + tempeh + omelette + vegetable with coconut milk soup + empal + 3 meatballs.

For the word "komplit" (means complete), I don't think this menu is complete package, because there is no rice / potato included. So if you want some rice, you need to order the rice separately.  I found the taste is just so average. The vegetable with coconut milk soup actually little too sweet for my taste, but its okay.  

Nasi Uduk IDR 9.000,-
Nasi uduk is Indonesian style steamed rice cooked in coconut milk. Its good enough but nothing special, and the omellete above is from the "paket ayam penyet komplit".  

Es Teler IDR 25.000,-
Es Teler
Es Teler is fruit cocktail from Indonesia. Es Teler from Warung Rumpi consist of avocado, coconut milk, jackfruit served with sweetened condensed milk, sugar, ice shavings, and pandan leaves on the top.  

Overall, I just found the food taste so average and little bit too expensive for me. The price mentioned above not include 10% tax and 5% service charge. But it's a good place for hanging out with your friends. They have free WiFi too!


Place: 8/10
$$ (medium price)

Disclaimer: All my opinion above are based on my personal experience.

Store location:
Jl. Danau Indah Raya, Blok C2 No. 2A, Sunter, North Jakarta

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