Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel Review

by - September 25, 2018

This time I would love to sharing my favourit item from Canmake! It's Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel ★~(◠ω◕✿)

Like all of Canmake's products, the packaging is super cute! It's clear thick plastic packaging with softpink and gold color on it.

There is small mirror inside, which makes it more easy to me for retouch up my blush or lip makeup anywhere, anytime.

Color, Texture, Fragrance
Currently there are 7 colors of Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel. I only have 3 colors of them. The first one I have is shade 01 Strawberry Mouse - its a cute red shade. The second one is 02 Apple Mango Parfait - its orange shade that I think would perfectly for summer. And the last one I have is shade 03 Raspberry Float - cute pink that I think would perfectly for dolly makeup.

All are translucent, and quite pigmented for me. It's shimmer-free too!

All these lip & cheek gel have smooth texture and glides softly upon my lips. It's easy to blend out and I can apply this for ombre lips!

It's easy to blend out when I apply this on my cheek too. It's pigmented so just using little is enough for me. You can built the blush thickness as you like using this blush.

I have combination to oily skin, and after 4-5 hour mark, the blush is still there, although not as visible as upon application. Reapplication is quite easy, not break or cracking my makeup before.

But for lips, these lip & cheek gel is not long-lasting. It do transfer, so you'll have to reapply after eating or drinking. For daily use, its okay for me to always retouch my lips after drinking, but for special occasion I would prefer using more long-lasting lipstick.

Where to buy:
Guardian store, aeon mart, or if you like to purchase online you can buy at sociolla, canmake official store at shopee.

I bought mine at canmake official store at shopee indonesia for shade 01 and 02 when got more than 60% discount (IDR 45,000 from IDR 138,000) !! It's cheaper than when I bought shade 03 at Japan drugstore. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

+ can be used for lipstick and blush
+ easy to use, easy to blend
+ pigmented
+ cute packaging
+ has mirror inside
+ travel friendly
+ shimmer free


Rating: 4/5

All my opinion above are based on my personal experience. It may work different with other people though, so use it with your own risk!

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