Joylab Eye on Diet Cream Review

by - Juli 03, 2019

Are you afraid of wrinkle? If yes, then we are in the same team. ┐(‘~`;)┌  When I think about fine line and wrinkles, my biggest concern is eyes area. I was too lazy to apply some eye creams before. As I'm getting older (I'm over 25 years old, haha) , I'm getting more afraid of eyes wrinkle and finally I decide to put some eye creams: Joylab Eye on Diet Cream on my skincare routine nowadays.



This eye cream design to hydrate, to soften the look of under eye skin and helps diminish the appearance of eye bag



I'm surprised that Joylab is one of Indonesia local brand which just launching at March 2019. Joylab Eye on diet cream packaging is pastel purple and white colored squeeze tube packaging. I like this type of packaging because it more hygienic than the jar one. The packaging looks simple, modern, and clean.

Texture, Fragrance

Joylab Eye on Diet Cream is white cream and have good scent that similar to baby powder scent.


"Use morning and evening on cleansed skin. Use the tip of finger to dot cream in a 'C formation under the eye. Use a tapping motion for maximum absorption." That is written at the back. I use this with softly tapping motion my eye area, especially under eye area.


The eye cream absorbed quickly by my skin, and non greasy. I used this eye cream around 2 weeks and noticed that my eye bag area get more hydrated and look fresh. It getting easier to do some eye makeup since it get more hydrated. I do not notice any differences with the eye bag. But since the eye cream usually need more times to give some results with eye bag area, I am happy with the result now.

Since joylab did not claim anything about fine line or wrinkle, I assume this products will more suitable for their who at early 20s - early 30s

Where to Buy & Price:

You can purchase it from their official store on Tokopedia, Shopee, and  Lazada with price of IDR 80,000 for 20 gr


+ easy to use
+ does not make my eyes feel sore or itchy
+ absorbed fast
+ help hydrate my eye area
+ the price is affordable, IDR 80,000 for 20 gr
+ soft baby powder scent


- need long times to know the results for the eye bag

Rating: 4/5


All my opinion above are based on my personal experience and not influenced by the brand or its affiliates. It may work different with other people though, so use it with your own risk!

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