Tips to keep entertained at home during coronavirus lockdown

by - April 02, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) still continues spreading around the world and social distancing still the main available way to slow the pandemic. Social distancing and quarantine can be challenging on our mental wellness. So I try to keep entertained at home for protecting my mental wellness:

1. Watching Netflix

There are many tv shows and movies on netflix that can keep me entertained while at home.Currently I watching K-drama: Itaewon Class. Its adaption of popular webtoon that tells the story of an ex-convict (Park Saeroyi) who opens a pub named "Danbam" in Itaewon and aim of making it big in food industry to take revenge on the man who destroyed his life (chairman Jang). I love how Park Saeroyi stay optimistic during tough times, just like I need to stay optimistic about this pandemic will end. And there is some life lessons that I learned from Itaewon Class

2. Reading a Book or Comic

I love to read webtoon comics and I can read it online for free! There are many comics available to read on webtoon. I recommend to read "True Beauty" if you like romance comic, "Spirit Finger" if you like drama comic, and "My Giant Nerd Boyfriend" if you like slice of life comic. Those three is my current three favourite comics on webtoon!

3. Playing Games

I'm not a gamer, but this social distancing time make me wanna try something new. I tried playing nintendo switch game that my husband just bought online during this social distancing time: "Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This game is so addicting for me.  First day playing this game, I just stop playing when cooking, have meals, take a shower, and sleep. ≧◡≦

This game have task and challenge to do the best for your island like collecting the fruits, catching the fish, collect money, expand house, visit neighbor, and making some items. It taste like has completion levels and checklist that make me curious to discover, explore the games.

Animal Crossing allowed us to do personalized characters look, along with making your own DIY characters cloth, and face painting! This make me more addicted with this game, because I wonderfully allowed to personalized the character, and furthermore, I allowed to decorated the house too!

Another interesting part is I can play this game together with my husband, or with my friends while getting online. We also can make our character take photos together at this game!

I do recommend playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons to take mind off this lockdown or social distancing time, help to relax and overcome the boredom.

4. Try New Recipes

It is always exciting to trying some new recipes. I spend some time to search new recipes that looks would satisfying my palate and also possible to made with my limited cooking tools at home. My new favourite recipe is soto ayam bening (indonesian food). Try googling for the recipe if you are interested!

5. Video Calling Friends and Family

I think this the best way to keep me connected with my friends and my parents during the lockdown or social distancing period. We can communicate with other people, see their face online, and still at home.

6. Pamper Myself with Skincare Routine

Being locked at home, have free time, why not pamper myself with some skincare routine? I always feel more relax when pamper myself with skincare routine like using good scrub, and face mask. I suggest to listening your favourite song while pamper yourself with skincare routine, it can help bring your at-home pampering game to the next level.

Thats some way to keep myself entertained at home during this social distancing period because coronavirus. How about you? Kindly tell me if you have another way to keep entertained at home on comment box.

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