Get glowing skin with Luxe Organix Power Glow Essence Toner - Review

by - Juli 11, 2020

I noticed that my face looks dull and tired when looking at my relection in the mirror recently, and there is some blackheads too. I admit that I'm getting lazy to exfoliate my skin, and maybe now it's time to find some skincare that can help makes my skin looks healthy and glowing.

About Luxe Organix

Luxe Organix is brand from Philippines, but their products made in korea. After use this for 2 weeks, here my review for this toner:


It is a white pink box packaging and they highlight it's contains galactomyces and vitamin c. It claims can reduces blackheads & whiteheads, restores & boosts collagen production, and antioxidant for healthy glowing skin, and it is alcohol, and paraben free.

The toner inside is semi transparent pink bottle, so I can easily see the amount left

It also has foil sealed inside, which help prevent the toner getting leaked or contaminated before being used.


Texture, Fragrance

Luxe Organix Power Glow Essence Toner doesn't have any color and have texture likes water. It have sweet floral fragrance (like rose fragrance for me) which bother me a little because I do not fans of fragrance products. Luckily, the fragrance quickly disappears in a minute. update: After used this toner near 3 weeks, I'm used to with the fragrance and now I liked how it smells.


I used this toner using facial cotton, and it gives soothing sensation. My skin can easily absorbs the toner and doesn't give sticky sensation at all for my combination to oily skin. I think this toner helps my face cream easily absorbed too. This Luxe Organix Power Glow Essence Toner also helps clean my face. Even after using facial wash there is still some dirt stick on the facial cotton.

After one weeks using this toner, I noticed that my blackheads are reduced, especially in nose area. And after two weeks use Luxe Organix Power Glow Essence Toner, I noticed that my face looks more healthy and glowing too

Normally, there is some small pimple appeared just before my period starts, but this time no pimple appeared. I do not know if this because of the toner or just coincidence. But I am happy with this.

Where to Buy

I bought this Luxe Organix Power Glow Essence Toner at Watson Philippines for 349 PHP


+ easily found in Watsons Philippines
+ soothing
+ reduces blackheads
+ alcohol, paraben free
+ contain galactomyces that can helps brightens up tired and dull looking skin
+ make my skin looks healthy and glowing
+ the bottle is semi transparent, make me easier to see the amount left
+ suitable for my combination oily skin
+ doesn't make my skin itchy, red, or break out


- hard to found in another country
- contain fragrance
- did not get rid all blackheads

Rating: 4/5


All my opinion above are based on my personal experience and not influence by the brand or its affiliates. It may work different with other people though, so use it with your own risk.

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10 komentar

  1. Sounds interesting! Aku belum pernah coba produk dengan galactomyses nih :D

    1. cobain kak, skincare yang ada kandungan galactomyces selama ini cocok banget buat membantu mencerahkan kulit wajah aku biar gak keliatan kusam ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

  2. Wah, kayaknya produk bagus, nih. Tapi terus terang aku sering skip pake toner

    1. bagus kak di aku,, sayangnya produk ini masih susah dicari di Indonesia, huhu

  3. Wah racun nih haha jadi penasaran mau coba :D

  4. belum pernah cobain sih, tapi memang akhir-akhir ini saya lagi rajin atau nggak pernah skip tonner :D
    bahkan makenya agak norak, nggak pakai kapas, langsung dioles ke wajah hahahaha.

    Dipikir beauty water apa ya :D

    1. dulu aku pakai toner juga enggak pakai kapas, langsung dioles ke wajah gitu aja, niat hati biar lebih hemat pakai tonernya ≧◡≦.

      Tapi pernah baca kalau pakai toner yang sifatnya exfoliating atau ada manfaat buat angkat kulit mati sebaiknya dituang di kapas dulu biar membantu angkat kulit matinya lebih optimal. Habis itu jadi rajin pakai kapas tiap kali pakai toner apapun itu. hehe

  5. Belum pernah pake toner sih, tapi akan kucoba suatu hari nanti. Terima kasih rekomendasinya.

    1. cobain beb pakai toner, membantu buat next step skincare routine terasa lebih OK.