DHC Lip Cream Review

by - September 04, 2018

This time I would love to sharing my favourite lip balm! It's DHC lip cream. DHC is Japanese beauty brand. Although it is lip cream, the texture is more similar to lip balm, and its so moisturize my lips.

For the outer box, it's simple packaging that dominate by yellow colored carton box, with DHC lip cream image and full of Japanese text. I couldn't read the text though.

For the lip cream tube it self, its peach colored plastic twist tube with silver lining in the middle, and grey colored DHC lip cream text.

Texture, Fragrance
DHC lip cream has a light yellowish color and glides softly upon my lips. Its not sticky and has sheer glossy (only slight sheen) and doesn't have any fragrance when I applied this lip cream.

I just need one swipe or a thin layer to moisturize my dry lips and it doesn't really interfere with colored lipstick application. I'm use to couldnt use any matte lipstick products since it will cracked on my lips. But after I found this DHC lip cream, it's no more. I can use my NYX soft matte lip cream without cracking. DHC lip cream really moisturize my lips. This is a must item to buy in Japan!

Where to buy
you can easily find this DHC lip balm in any drugstore in Japan. I couldn't find this in any offline store or drugstore in Indonesia, but you can purchase it online

+ moisturizing my dry lips, although I need reapply after 6 hours
+ just need apply thin layer to moisturize my lips
+ fragrance free
+ sheer glossy, instead look glossy, it make our lips look healthy
+ not sticky

- hard to found in Indonesia
- its a little bit pricey for me for a lipbalm products (around IDR 95,000 - IDR 140,000 if purchase online in Indonesia) 

Rating: 4.2/5

All my opinion above are based on my personal experience. It may work different with other people though, so use it with your own risk!

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