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by - April 15, 2019

I never write or mention anything about my boyfriend before on my blog and yes, recently we are preparing for our wedding days. I will not telling the love stories between me and my boyfriend here, but I'll write my thoughts and opinions for some wedding venue in Jakarta.

This post is written as a thank you to former Indonesian brides and grooms who have been kind enough to share their review and experiences in preparing for their wedding day. Hope this post can help another future brides and grooms. 

1. Kirana Two - North Jakarta

The building outside looks good, clean, and modern. The function hall is located at the 2nd floor, and they have elevator and lift inside, so it will be friendly for the elderly to attend the wedding. 

The function hall already has lamps that looks like crystal chandelier, and full carpet flooring. The carpet is dark brown / dark grey colored, which I like, because it looks more simple and modern than the red carpet flooring. The ceilings are high too, so it will looks deluxe after put some decorations.

Besides the function hall, you can used two others room nearby. One can be used for the tea pai ceremony or family waiting room and one for other wedding reception preparations like makeup. They even provide the big mirror there.

Kirana Two host one wedding only a day, so it will help your decoration team to load all the things and start the decoration before the wedding time. Your wedding guest won't fight on parking area with another wedding guest too.

They have wedding package that included with decor, catering for 500 pax buffet, entertainment, and some bonus (foodstall, photobooth, and stay at hotel) at the price of IDR 108,800,000 (2019 price). I forgot this price already included the tax or not, do not forget to ask your vendor about the tax because it can increasing your spending.

Location: Kirana Two Office Tower, Jalan Boulevard Timur No. 88, Kelapa Gading Timur, Jakarta Utara
Capacity: 500-800 persons
Parking Capacity: Must been enough for the wedding guest, since Kirana Two actually is a office tower at the weekdays.

2. Oena - Grand Orchardz Kemayoran - Central Jakarta

This restaurant is new wedding venue located in Grand Orchardz (4 star hotel), Central Jakarta. Since Grand Orchardz hotel is new hotel in Central Jakarta area, both of the building and the venue inside looks so new. They have sleek modern feel, and feels so clean with all new furniture there.

Oena restaurant located in 1st floor and they have some lift, which is good to help your guest especially for the eldelry. They have small outdoor area, but just for around 20 people (your guest can smoke there too), so most of the guest will in indoor area. In indoor area, they have many big windows there that make it looks like semi outdoor venue, which suitable for people who didn't like ordinary function hall for their wedding days. They also have tea pai room too. Since it located in hotel, you didn't need worried with accommodation.

Since this is counted as a new wedding venue, they have many wedding promotion there. They have wedding package start from IDR 155,000,000 (2019) for 300 persons, include the decoration, wedding cake, wedding organizer, and documentation).

Oena host one wedding only a day. Although Grand Orchardz have function hall too, but they host one wedding only a day, either at Oena only or their function hall only, so the parking area mostly will be used for your wedding guest. You are not allowed to bring food from outside for your wedding party, but their food taste good.

I do not have many picture for this venue, but I have video here. Hope it helps

Location: Jl. Rasela no.1A, Gn. Sahari Utara, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat
Capacity: 300-600 persons
Parking Capacity: Must been enough for the wedding guest if your guest under 500 persons, since it located inside hotel. They have basement area for the parking too 

3.  Wyl's Kitchen - Veranda Hotel at Pakubuwono - South Jakarta

Wyl's Kitchen is restaurant that located at Veranda Hotel, Pakubuwono. This venue will suitable for you who loves intimates wedding party. I love that they have indoor and outdoor area. The indoor have simple, sleek modern feel. They even have swimming pool at the outdoor (the pool can not decorated though).

There is many big windows which sure make the restaurant feels cozy, and say good bye to ordinary function hall for weddings. Wyl's Kitchen host two wedding a day, noon (12-4pm) and night (6pm - 10pm), or you can use the restaurant fullday (with some terms and conditions)

You need to spend IDR 34,800,000 (weekday, 2019) or  IDR 39,500,000 (weekend, 2019) for the Wyl's Kitchen closed for public. Since this venue actually restaurant, you are not allowed to bring food from outside for your wedding party. However, their food taste good!

Since this venue located in hotel, you didn't need worried with accommodation. 

Location: Jalan Kyai Maja, Jl. Kebayoran Baru No.63, RT.6/RW.2, Kramat Pela, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12130
Capacity: 50-250 persons (their marketing said can for 300 persons, (standing) but I think 250 persons is already crowded).
Parking Capacity: Depends on your invitation numbers, since it located inside hotel, they have much parking lots, however, if all your guest (more than 100) bring their own car, i think it will become little chaos

Disclaimer:  All my opinion above are based on my personal thoughts, and just for sharing. 

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